ui_announce31Disseminating community vitality throughout the built environment.


Urban Interpretations is a for-profit community partner working to highlight and strengthen existing cultural resources in the public realm through creating avenues for collaboration between community residents, organizations, and government agencies.  Through on-the-ground interpretation of the urban cultural geography, Urban Interpretations looks to the physical, social, economic, and cultural elements of the built environment to disseminate the underlying vitality that exists within each community.


  • Urban planning with a cultural conscience
  • Cultural resource dissemination
  • Community collaborative frameworks and partnership development
  • Community marketing strategies
  • Public space assessment through a cultural lens
  • Community and cultural organization assessment within the built environment
  • Small scale cultural production 

AMANDA BROMBERG BERMAN – Founder and President of Urban Interpretations

Amanda Bromberg Berman founded Urban Interpretations in the spring of 2007, while pursuing a dual-graduate degree in urban planning and public art studies at the University of Southern California.  She is close to the completion of her master’s thesis, in which she is investigating differing cultural approaches to Holocaust commemoration in the city of Berlin. 

As a cultural planning consultant for Community Arts Resources (CARS), where she has been employed since the launch of Urban Interpretations, Amanda has worked closely with Aaron Paley, president of CARS, on a number of cultural and community development projects.  Currently, Amanda is assisting Mr. Paley on his research for the Stanton Fellowship, which Mr. Paley was awarded in December 2007.  Their research centers on the activation of public and private space for the benefit of the community.  Prior to this research, Amanda was contracted by CARS to assist on a redevelopment project in Downey, CA, developing with the team five programming scenarios for a 52-acre historic site.

Amanda honed her cultural planning skills in the summer of 2007 when she was hired by the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA/LA).  There, she was charged with drafting a public art plan for the Alchemist Properties Philanthropic Center for the Arts in downtown Los Angeles.  She simultaneously worked with the Community Development Department of the City of Henderson, Nevada, where she created preliminary guidelines for a public art plan related to the development of a bus rapid transit line.

Before returning to school in the fall of 2006, Amanda worked at Participant Productions as a social action campaign manager.  In this capacity, Amanda helped create social action campaigns around such films as An Inconvenient Truth, Good Night, and Good Luck., and Murderball. These issue-driven campaigns live online and through live social action events.

Amanda lives in Silver Lake with her husband Jeffrey and their dog, Shadow.



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