Requirements Document – Santa Obispo Economic Development Corporation

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Online Membership Directory Project

Prepared for:            Santa Obispo Economic Development Corporation

Prepared by:            Amanda Bromberg

Prepared on:            February 17, 2009


Version:            V1

Filename:            so_edc_omd.doc

Project Summary:

Urban Interpretations has been contracted by the Santa Obispo Economic Development Corporation (SOEDC) to develop a secure online membership directory for its 200-some members.  While an annual membership directory has been published in the past, the client wishes to reduce its costs through the implementation of an online directory, which its staff can easily update when new membership information becomes available.  This user-friendly online database will allow for a more streamlined and accessible membership directory, available at any moment to all active SOEDC members.

 1.  Member Usage Requirements

Requirements ID                        Description                                                                       

R1.1            Members will be required to use a login to access this secure site.

R1.2            Member directory will offer members a way to reset their passwords automatically.

R1.3            Members will not have the authority to update their own contact information on the online membership directory.

2.  Design and Structural Requirements

Requirements ID                        Description                                                                       

R2.1            Each membership listing will include the member’s name, company, title, address, email, website address, and a color photo.

R2.2            Member directory will list members by both last name and company name.

R2.3            Member directory will be searchable by members’ last name, company name, as well as by keyword.

R2.4            The online membership directory will contain a running log of those who sign in at all times for review only by the Santa Obispo EDC.

R2.5            A weekly report of this sign-in log will be emailed to the Santa Obispo EDC system administrator.

3.  Authority and Security Requirements

Requirements ID                        Description                                                                       

R3.1            Only the staff at the Santa Obispo Economic Development Corporation will be granted the authority to update members’ contact information on the online membership directory, members will not have this power.

R3.2            Membership data will continue to be stored in SalesforceCRM and only the staff at the Santa Obispo Economic Development Corporation will be granted the authority to update members’ contact information on the online membership directory.

R3.3            Only active members will be granted the approval to log into the online membership directory.

R3.4            Online directory will be located on a secure website.

R3.5            All data stored and transferred on the site must remain completely secure.

R3.6            The online membership directory will be backed up daily.

4.  Project Risks

Urban Interpretations believes in the power of transparency in our work; therefore, we wish to list the following potential risks associated with this project:

Clunky Updating Process: The project wishes to deny members the ability to update their own information on the online membership directory.  By granting permission to only the SOEDC staff, the updating process contains an extra, time-consuming step in order to keep all membership information stored in both the SalesforceCRM and the online directory up-to-date.  Furthermore, this added step creates the possibility for error when transferring updated membership information from SalesforceCRM to the online directory.

Security Issues: By granting members the ability to reset their password automatically, SOEDC allows for the possibility that non-members will gain access to these updated passwords.  Through access to a member’s email, a non-member could easily trace the member’s new password and enter the online membership directory.  With the potential for so many new passwords floating in cyberspace, tracing the offender will become a difficult task.





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